These are our basic prices during the week. On Fridays, Saturdays and special events/tradefairs prices can vary!

  per bedper room 
Single Bedroom / shared bathroom from 35€ book now
Single Bedroom with private bathroom from 42€ book now
2 bed room / shared bathroom from 52€ book now
Doubleroom (one large bed) with private bathroom from 59€ book now
3 bed room / shared bathroom from 69€ book now
3 bed room with private bathroom from 99€ book now
4 bed room / shared bathroomfrom 21€from 84€ book now
4 bed room with private bathroomfrom 26€from 104€ book now
5 bed room / shared bathroomfrom 19€from 95€ book now
6 bed room / shared bathroomfrom 18€from 108€ book now
6 bed room with private bathroomfrom 22€from 132€ book now