New City tax
Dear Guests,

after the first 2 Constitutions for the Cologne city tax were rejected by the higher administrative Court, our City council adopted a third trial on 13th November 2014 which affects since 1st of December 2014! We (like probably all other Hotels and Hostels in Cologne as well) were informed by a letter which we received on Monday, 24th of November, just one week prior to affection! So please understand that we were not able to inform everybody (most of you got an email from us) who had a booking with us in advance about these extra costs. We also will need a while before we get used to it and will be able to answer detailed questions.

During the last few years or during the former Constitutions we never charged any City tax because we were sure it will be rejected by the Higher Administrative Court (and we were right!). With the new trial we hope the same but we are not able to take the risk not to charge you. If it will be rejected as well every guest who paid the tax has the claim to get his refund!

Fill out the form here!
Until then we have to charge every Guest who is not staying for business/job/vocational education this 5 % Citytax on the accommodation rate. People who are staying for business/job/vocational education can avoid this tax by doing the following procedure. You will see our City Council is doing it’s best to make it as difficult as it could be to be exempt of the City tax. They do not provide this form in english, nor do they accept any translated version, it must be the form in german!

Self-employed: Download and fill out the form “Gewerbetreibende-Freiberufler.pdf”. You also can fill it out when you arrive here at the hostel. We can provide you the form and assist you. Important: You need to know your tax-number!

Employed: Download and fill out the form “abhängig Beschäftigte.pdf”. You also can fill it out when you arrive here at the hostel. We can provide you the form and assist you. Important: In addition you need a confirmation on your employers business letter where he confirms your name, day of arrival and departure and that your stay is for business/job/vocational education reason. This letter also needs to be signed by your employer.

Important for both: Every guest needs his own form (employers letter), it’s not allowed to confirm for more than one person on one form/letter!
Online Dispute Resolution
European Commission official website
Due to several experiences we are asking for a prepayment to secure your booking. Usually we’ll send you the invoice as your official booking confirmation and ask to cover the invoice latest one week prior to arrival by bank transfer (if you have a bank account in the EC) or by credit card (therefore we need your credit card number with expiry date by email or phone.
We want to get you as a satisfied customer who likes to stay again with us. Therefore we always try to handle cancellations for you as easy and pleasureful as possible. But please read our cancellation policy before you book but don’t complain afterwards.
Online Booking Portals
Many people like to book with us through online booking portals like Hostelworld, Hostelbookers, Hostelsclub, Gomio, Booking, Expedia, etc.
Please don’t forget: These booking portals don’t provide their service for free, they charge us (like all other accomodation providers) a commission for their service. Like you can imagine, this ends up in higher prices you would finally have to pay. That’s why we always offer our cheapest rates on our website (or directly by email)!